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PostSubject: Safi Bishawa at your service   Safi Bishawa at your service Icon_minitimeTue Mar 17, 2009 7:52 pm

I was like the second person to join and I'm just now making one of these. Forgive me everyone I am such a procrastinator!

-I joined FREE as Serafina Di Nerezza who is a lvl 8 Necro/Ranger in Prophecies. I can't say I really use her anymore but perhaps someday I shall return to her.

-Then I was more commonly known as Tu Kai Hui, a lvl 20 Mesmer in Factions. I plan to pick her back up eventually but I've managed to create a character who was more an after thought but has become my main person now and is my icon since I plan to use her a lot.

-Main character is Safi Bishawa, a lvl 20 Ele/Ranger who was originally from Night Fall but has access to all four lands. I finally got my flamingo to fight by my side and it's a lot of fun to watch her defeat enemies!

I'm generally a solo gamer but I like to help out when I can. Smile


IRL I'm a 24 year old art student living in Texas. I'm currently working on finishing up college with a major in Graphic Design and I work part time and the closest Blockbuster to home. I literally live in the middle of nowhere, no gas stations, Wal-marts, or cars to be found. It's all pretty much open fields and cows. I kind of have neighbors but they're hard to see through the trees and whoever lives next door is actually not next door but a good ways away and we're seperated by a forest so I don't count them anyway. I tend to waste my time away doing projects for donkey or playing video games when I have the chance. I also happen to be a huge gaming nerd and enjoying table top games as well, mainly D&D.

I am Agnostic Atheist (i.e I don't believe there is a higher power but I don't pretend to have solid evidence of that nor do I try.) I don't care about a person's religion (or lack thereof) and I'm open to talking to any one no matter what and try my very best to never judge another. I'm a lesbian who is in a happy relationship and looks forward to what the future may bring both with my girlfriend and my life in general. I'm glad to have joined FREE because it opened me up to a whole alliance full of diverse and interesting people. At some point I'll grab a picture of myself but for now you'll have to be left wondering.

So hello to all!
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Safi Bishawa at your service
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