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 GW Poetry Contest!!!

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Ilura Misalle
Ilura Misalle

Number of posts : 60
Age : 41
Location : Redding, Ca
Registration date : 2009-02-06

PostSubject: GW Poetry Contest!!!   Sat Mar 07, 2009 11:34 am

[b]Hi Guildies!! I was inspired by many of you here on the forum who have displayed your creative side. It gave me the idea to have some contests. In this section you will post a poem. This poem has to be about Guild Wars. If it is not then it will be deleted. You have one month to come up with this poem. While you are all working on putting some poems together I will be carefully selecting certain peeps to be the judge of these poems. There will be three winners. 3rd place winner will get 5k in game gold plus a rare material of their choice, 2nd place winner will get 10k gold plus two rare materials of their choice. 1st place winner will get 50k gold plus 10 rare materials of their choice. Good Luck everyone!!

[/b]Not a writer? That's ok...for all of you who are more of the visual type there is a second contest that will be posted as well. However, you can only participate in one contest. So choose carefully. queen

Last edited by Ilura Misalle on Sat Mar 07, 2009 11:52 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : to add a poll)
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da master swordsman
da master swordsman

Number of posts : 3
Age : 24
Location : Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Registration date : 2009-02-07

PostSubject: Re: GW Poetry Contest!!!   Sat Mar 07, 2009 7:46 pm

lol, well i guess i'll give it a try..... here's a cheesy poem for u guys

The Flameseeker Prophecies

The prophecy has been revealed,
in the hands of the chosen, the fate of tyria has been sealed.
Starting from the invasion of the charr,
that pushed the kingdom of Ascalon far south.
Traveling west in the mountains of shiverpeaks,
seeking the help and befriending with the dwarves.
Traveling more west into the kingdom of kryta,
and being friends with the white mantle
Through the dense jungle of maguuma,
unraveling the secrets of the deceiving white mantle.
Across the crystal desert seeking glint's wisdom,
and getting ascended to earn the rights in the hall of heroes.
Journeying back to the mountain of ice,
to find a way to stop the mursaat's deadly skill.
And off to the island of fire,
where we get even with these so called gods.
But then a man's deep dark secret has reaveled,
to release the titans and rule the continent of tyria.
Seeking allies to defeat the undead lich,
to lock the titans and fulfill the prophecy.
And to save tyria from great devastation.

lol....now u see why i almost failed english. Razz have fun making fun of my poem Very Happy
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Sugi Ki
Sugi Ki

Number of posts : 34
Location : Hixson tn
Registration date : 2009-02-21

PostSubject: Re: GW Poetry Contest!!!   Fri Apr 03, 2009 11:57 am

Onward to Cantha I run,
Master Togo asked for only one,
Rumors of monsters to slay,
Needing help people began to pray,
Asasin for the good, <---(the filter won't let me spell it right)
Shadow of the hood,
A strike from behind,
Most of the time,
Left them with a Dagger in their spine,

But enough about me,
Another time and my killing spree,
People speak of a Plague,
But where it started the stories were vague,
Togo and Mhenlo in hand,
We found out the plague was planned,
By a two hundred old anti-hero,
Betrayed the emperor his name was Shiro,
Togo sends us to the Mainland,
Before Shiro’s forces could expand,

Shiro turned on his sworn master,
And killed him what a disaster,
In the afterlife he became an envoy of Grenth,
Who happened to be the God of Death,
Grenth told him to help the dead on their journey,
Shiro proclaimed “I refuse I want a attorney,”
But there was none *Akem* back to the story,
Shiro didn’t want to be dead he wanted Glory,
So with his Magiks he created the Afflicted,
Lots of pain and remorse they inflicted,

Closer to the stars I must get,
Otherwise Shiro cannot be hit,
From Vizu we were all told,
About two Cathan heroes strong and bold,
One Saint Viktor whose ashes in a urn,
And a spear belonging to Archemorus we learn,
We have to collect both before Shiro returns,

We need Luxons and Kurzicks to help us fight,
I went to the Kurzick the Luxons aren’t bright,
We try real hard we try to explain,
If we don’t stop Shiro all will be slain,
They finally agree to come together,
I was so happy I nearly jumped out my leather,
We seek Kuuavang an ancient Dragon,
It’s a long trip so we bring a wagon,
We find the dragon but to our fright,
It’s been corrupted it takes flight,
We battle and fight until it falls,
I cheered we had the dragon by the…scales,
The corruption defeated the dragon begins to say,
That Shiro has the emperor to our dismay,

We go back to the palace what do we find,
Shiro’ ken constructs that are very unkind,
We kill them all and find Shiro about to slay,
He goes for the emperor but Togo jumps in the way,
Shiro uses his blood to make himself alive,
Its funny when we attack him he doesn’t survive,
After he’s dead he’s turned into Jade,
And that’s the end of Shiro’s Crusade,

Oh I got Shiro’s weapons he carried dags,
They are sweet but I don’t want to brag,

Childish I know but I think it’s pretty good Very Happy
If you dont like it, you misunderstood Razz
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Sugi Ki
Sugi Ki

Number of posts : 34
Location : Hixson tn
Registration date : 2009-02-21

PostSubject: Re: GW Poetry Contest!!!   Mon Apr 06, 2009 6:45 am

Come on guys we need some compitition!
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View user profile http://www.myspace.com\chaoz2030

Number of posts : 13
Age : 26
Location : CA long beach
Registration date : 2009-02-12

PostSubject: Re: GW Poetry Contest!!!   Mon Apr 06, 2009 9:30 pm

"War, Great fighting War of the High War God"

War, Great fighting War, Of the High War God,
Decive by my own kind,
I slaughted Great kind,
I bashed my sword and shield of arms,
Arms of my own,
Arms for my brothers,
Arms for honor,
The Great High War God lives.

He lives with Strong spirit
He spits with Great War,
He lives Within True warriors of the past,
Great High War God Lives,

For Brothers and Sisters For family and friends,
I came with Great High War God,
I came with Great honor,
With only Great High War God,
With only my High war God,
The Great High War God rose, like the demons which provoked the world.

The Ground shook....It shook with Great Terror of The Great High War God,
The Ground shook with great strength of my own,
And for that I cant fortold,
The horror of Great High war God was hold,
I came along with great courage, I came,
Only for the Great High war God to decive my people,
My people, MY FAMILY.

The Great High War God threw me to the ground and for that,
I ran around, I thought i was Great, i Thought i was honor,
And for that the Great High War God Bashed every building insight,
and for that with such height, Fear was fear it self, even from what i belive.
"War, Great Fighting War Of the Great High War God....He lives with Great Fear, Fear was me."
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Number of posts : 13
Age : 26
Location : CA long beach
Registration date : 2009-02-12

PostSubject: Re: GW Poetry Contest!!!   Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:04 pm

im going to post more because this is fun in my expertise not just playing the piano or drawing but i love to write write with great feeling write with great inspirtation.

Fun writing.

How many warrior take down a horde of undead?
How many mages to take down a group of evil?
How many rangers to take down there foes?
How many brave soul to take down fear?
How many courage to take down cowards?
How many justice to take down Choas?
How many Paladins to take down Destruction?
How many people will unite and fight the same cause?

IT will not take one nor will it take ten, but it will take Reunite to make things happend.
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Nocturnal Lunacy
Nocturnal Lunacy

Number of posts : 4
Age : 43
Location : The Shadows of the Corn Fields, Nebraska
Registration date : 2009-04-21

PostSubject: Re: GW Poetry Contest!!!   Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:59 pm

Is it too late to submit a poem? lol
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PostSubject: Re: GW Poetry Contest!!!   

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GW Poetry Contest!!!
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