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This is a forum for Guild Wars. So that all guildies may communicate.
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 I am Kithrin Farsight

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Kithrin Farsight
Kithrin Farsight

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PostSubject: I am Kithrin Farsight   I am Kithrin Farsight Icon_minitimeTue Feb 10, 2009 9:54 pm

Hello everyone,
My name is Allen, and I'm the guild leader of the Holy Elite Fighters [HOLY].
I live in Harrisburg PA. Although I am not married, I am engaged with no date set (as of yet). Gamer nerds to the core, if we are not playing Guild Wars, then there's another game that has our attention. I've been a long time RPG junkie. I could probably blame it all on D&D. I not so much a religious person as much as I am spiritual. I am a very opinionated person and love to have a good conversation. But, a fair warning. I am blunt.

My characters are:
  • Kithrin Farsight [Nec]
  • Shar Frostborn [Ele]
  • Svava Tyrs Valkyrie [War]
  • Nasim Kemet [Der]
  • Kasumi Shadowhand [sin]
  • Midori Dragons Ire [monk]
  • Keirasti Windtalker [rang]
  • Aldron Farsight [Mez (pre)]

I'm more then willing to help do mission or quests. Please feel free to whisper me.
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I am Kithrin Farsight
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