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 How To price check items

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PostSubject: How To price check items   How To price check items Icon_minitimeSat Feb 21, 2009 8:41 pm

This is a way to calculate the average price of an item. but, please remember, the price is never set in stone. It may take some raising or lowering of a price to get it to sell. Green items will not be included because they can be checked at www.guildwarsguru.com in the auction.

Weapons: As a general rule, White, Blue, and Purple weapons should be sold to a merchant. Gold weapons are actually worth PCing (price checking). The first thing to look for is if the weapon has an inscription: slot. This means that the weapon can be fully upgraded, instead of having one property that can't be changed. The next thing to look for is the requirement (r9 for example). Of course the lower the better.

-Staffs: Nercos are looking for curses, death, then blood. Monks for healing, prayer, then smithing. Elementals for Fire, wind, earth, then water. Mezmurs for domination, illusion, then inspiration. Ritualists for channeling, restoration, then communing.

-wands and focus items. Also shields: Unless they have an inscription, they should be sold to a merchant or salvaged for parts or materials. Usually, people are looking to make these items 20/20. Which is half casting time (HCT) 20% and half recharge time (HRT) 20%. There are a few exceptions.
As for shields, unless they have -5 damage 20%, or some kind of -damage, they should be used for parts/merch.

-swords, bows and other edged weapons: Since not all the expansions give weapons with inscriptions (prof and factions), weapons with 3 properties are still of value. The value of such an item depends on if the unchangeable property is maxed. IE: a sword could have 20% to undead. Anything less is good for heros but not worth the time trying to sell to others.

For the price value: Gold with inscription start at 1k. Add 5k if item is of first skill choice (ie. curses, healing, domination, channeling). Add 5k if r10-11. Add 10k for r9 or lower. This is a good starting minimum cost. Max cost is doubled. But, remember, this is for a rough estimate. Items usually don't sell for their max cost.

Exceptions for items that are not Golds would be that they are max damage with inscription and low requirement. A good example would be a purple fellblade. Which people want for the appearance.
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How To price check items
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