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Sugi Ki
Sugi Ki

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PostSubject: Ok PVX and TEMPLETES   Ok PVX and TEMPLETES Icon_minitimeSat Feb 21, 2009 7:48 pm

I wanted to be the first to post but I'll make a constructive post this time. I wanted to introduce those new to pvp to a GREAT website that has served me well for quite some time www.pvxwiki.com/ They have a build for every class and character combo. When you become more experienced you'll start making your own (although I have been know to float around the site every now and then Razz) now on to Templates.

You'll notice on the PVX website that the build will have a template code with them. In the game go to your skills window (Default key is K) and in the up0per right hand corner there is the templates button( Looks like a 3.4 floppy disk). I'll break down the commands for ya.

Load from Template- click this to load template you have created or saved in the past.

Save to template- Click this if the build you currently have equipt is one you want to save (then you can load it again with the load from template command)

Manage Templates- Use this to rename your templates add or remove them. (also has a Equipment template window)

Template code- Use this to input a code someone gives you or you copy and paste from PVX or another website.

That about does it if you have any questions (or corrections) feel free to ask me almost all of my characters have the last name of ki. or post her Smile
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