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 Masumune Date, et al

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Masumune Date
Masumune Date

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PostSubject: Masumune Date, et al   Masumune Date, et al Icon_minitimeTue Feb 10, 2009 9:53 pm


My RL name is Vincent, and I am a GW addict. Smile (sound like a group therapy session??)

36 YO. Born in Singapore, I'm of the Christian faith. Married with 2 children, I have been living in Sydney, Australia, for 33 yers.

I hail from the [HOLY] guild and I've been playing GW for approx 2 yrs now. Beiing an addict, I run all 10 professions. My characters are:
- Courageous Rihanna (Rit)
- Crimson Hope (War)
- Huangfe Hong (Mon)
- Isabella in Red (Der)
- Masumume Date (Sin)
- Miz Mir (Mes)
- Nemesis I Nyx (Nec)
- Nine Joys (Ran)
- Ravishing Rose (Ele)
- Sleeping Lynx (Par)
- Victor the Tank (War) {PVP storage}

All are at max level and have completed all 4 campaigns. Initially, they were created so that I could better appreciate the game and what it had to offer via the professions. But I got hooked on to each one playing the PvE side of the game, so went on & completed the campaigns for all of them. I found each profession to be very enjoyable!

Have fun, CU In-game!

oh, and btw, if u need help with a mission or Q, msg me if I am online. Also, I have accumulated tons of stuff over the years, with my main and storage accounts chok-a-blok, so if u are looking for something, send me a message. I may have spare what u are after!
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Masumune Date, et al
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