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 Graven: Rose, Tear, Burial, Omen. Mortal Call and Vinear vot.

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PostSubject: Graven: Rose, Tear, Burial, Omen. Mortal Call and Vinear vot.   Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:52 pm

Graven, yeah, dark; spooky; boo.

It needed two names, that's what came to mind. But really I'm not that dark a guy. My views on life are pretty light actually. I believe people are basically good if their environments allow them to be.(AKA, people will be less "Good" if they feel threatened in some way)[/Tuesdays With Morrie] [/readit] So I'm not particularly a guild wars addict per say. I've been playing mmo's for quite a long time. I've jumped around various free mmos and some pay-to-play ones. Things ranging from Ragnarok Online to City of Villians to Rumble Fighter and Maple story and Exteel and Grand Chase and Bloodymare: Requiem. Most of the time I don't stick around any specific one for long. I'll mess around a little bit until I get bored and go on to something else. I'd say my most played would be Ragnarok Online, Bloodymare: Requiem, and Guild Wars, respectively.

Basically, I play these things if I don't have much else to do. Other than games, I like poetry and short stories, digital graphics programs, I recently acquired Maya(A 3d modeling program) and have worked a little bit with the Torque Game Engine. I am only 18, so most of you make me feel young. I don't have much of an idea of what I want to do for a living but I do plan on higher education of some sort. I live in the northeastern region of the US and yes, I am a G.I.R.L. (guy in real life) on Guild Wars. Quite frankly, the female armor and appearance options are more appealing than the male most of the time. I'm vain so that's important to my enjoying the game.

As a final note, I haven't actually accumulated as much time as most of you. I played guild wars back when it was just prophecies for a short while. I got a mesmer up to about level 18 before I was dragged back to RO.(I have many friends there) I recently returned and bought Nightfall because I wanted to try Dervish and RO has been boring me.(I like Dervish, and a lot of the people I used to know on RO have since disappeared, and the fact RO is almost purely grind[kill lots and lots of things to level] based doesn't help either) I use wiki for most of my information, and I actually haven't beaten Prophecies or Nightfall yet. I abandoned my Necromancer somewhere in Southern Shiverpeaks and have been playing Dervish since.

P.S. I like how I already have an avatar even thought I haven't touched anything. O-o And I would be majorly creeped out if I didn't already know that isn't me. Razz

P.S.S. Fixed. :O Now it's me.
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Graven: Rose, Tear, Burial, Omen. Mortal Call and Vinear vot.
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